To enable our practice to run smoothly, payment for veterinary services is required on the day of service.


However, your pet is of the utmost priority to us and we do have procedures in place for clients who are unable to immediately afford veterinary care. We do not turn clients away on this basis!

If there is an emergency with your animal and you are unable to pay on the day of service*, you will need to apply for Vet Pay. Vet Pay provides flexible payment plans for the immediate treatment of your pet by allowing you to pay your bill over time. The application can be performed online or at one of our clinics.  It is then instantly processed with most applications being approved on the spot.  Vet Pay will then automatically direct debit your account or credit card and pay Greater Springfield Veterinary for the services provided to you.  For more information or to apply online please visit

There is a small administration fee charged by Greater Springfield Veterinary, and a fee charged by Vet Pay, which will be added to the completed invoice remaining unpaid at the time of discharge.  In order to use this payment system, clients must have a deposit available.

In the event that you are declined for Vet Pay, staff must then pass this matter onto the practice manager.  Proof of the declination by Vet Pay must be provided before we can see if it is possible to assist you in any other way.  Occasionally if we contact Vet Pay they may be able to accept an application for a lesser amount of credit.

Greater Springfield Veterinary hope that by providing these services, you will have peace of mind as your pet receives the care it requires.

Please not that all payment plans are subject to approval by practice management


* Please be aware that discounts are not available for clients on payment plans.