Both Greater Springfield Veterinary have top class facilities and service with a special interest in reproduction and neonatal care. We currently care for a wide range of breeders including British Shorthair cats, Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniel and many others. We offer a wide range of breeding services including:

  • Infertility investigation
  • Ovulation timing and breeding management
  • Artificial insemination (with excellent conception rates)
  • Ultrasonography (to check progress of pregnancy, health of pups and to estimate litter size and whelping date)
  • Whelping supervision
  • Caesarean sections
  • Post-natal care and dew claw removal
  • Vaccination and microchipping
  • Early de-sexing (with an emphasis on precision and care)
  • Penn Hip Scoring (measurement of hip laxity)
  • Canine “Certificate of Fitness” as required by Canine Control Council

Our Pet Stores at both clinics stock a comprehensive range of products to assist breeders including whelping box hire, dog crates, perla tub beds, breeder-sized food bags and more.

We would like to invite breeders to come and meet our vets, and to take a tour of our clinic facilities. Discounts for breeders with four or more actively bred animals may be negotiated.

Please contact us if you would to make an appointment to meet our vets, tour the clinic and discuss details on our current available discounts.