Pet healthcare paid monthly

Springfield Pet Club is a membership program that was designed by vets and pet lovers to provide simple, affordable and optimal health care for pets. So why should you join the club?


All our pets deserve to have quality preventative healthcare but we know this can be overwhelming and costly.  From selecting the right food to protecting their pets against nasty parasites to keeping up to date with vaccinations and health care.

A Springfield Pet Club membership provides a simple program that offers all the preventative health care services that vet professionals believe are essential for maintaining pet health and well being.




A Springfield Pet Club membership provides clients with the reassurance they are providing the best possible pet health care in a convenient and cost effective way.  Pet parents are able to spread the cost of their pets healthcare over 12 months.  The membership requires an initial upfront payment, followed by eleven equal direct debit payments making the membership affordable and easy for clients to join.

Optimal Healthcare

Similar to humans, early detection in pets can be key in preventing diseases, reducing and sometimes even avoiding costly medical bills.  The veterinary care that is included in the Springfield Pet Club membership allows the client’s vet team to give their pet the best in preventative health care which can lead to a longer and happier life for the pet. So give your pet the best and join today!