Greater Springfield Veterinary will evaluate and treat sick and injured wildlife at no charge, and will work with wildlife carers or sanctuaries if specific rehabilitation is required. We have a list of community members who are trained to take care of wildlife.

After hours, please refer to the following organisations:

  • RSPCA (1300 264 625)
Wildlife Emergency Hotline (1300 369 652)

When helping injured wildlife, please stay safe! Never put yourself in danger! Be alert as wildlife will often try to bite or scratch when injured or afraid. Wrap the animal in a towel and place them in a secure box with adequate ventilation. Always take note of the location in which the animal was found, so that they can be released back into their native habitat.

If you are unable to safely handle the animal, please seek advice from the clinic or the relevant wildlife authority.

NB: It is important to note that bats or flying foxes should never be handled due to the risk of humans contracting Lyssa Virus.